What if you could watch soccer games on your Xbox, not just play them? 

FIFA 20 is a forward-thinking product concept that leverages the power of the Xbox technology platform to reimagine the soccer-watching experience and connect with a new generation of fans.

Art Director: (Myself),  Lindsay Cecero   |   Copywriter: Scott Lucien

Viewing Experience.

A customizable, paneled interface and smart new features take game-watching to the next level.

A watch screen allows you to cycle through live games to view, with news stories on the side.

FIFA Kinect.

With video, voice, and motion control capabilities, Kinect for Xbox allows fans to interact with each other in a variety of new ways.

Including Fifa 20's Watch Party Mode. Using the Kinect webcam, you can watch a live game, or play one with your friends no matter where they live.

Video game integration seamlessly blends the game and the live sport, creating new ways for fans to experience both.

Various other modes can be implemented easily.

Digital Advertising Intergrations.

Some of the features of FIFA Kinect provide unique opportunities for interactive digital advertisements.

Brand Opportunity.

By exploring the link between playing the game and watching the sport, EA can connect with soccer fans on both sides of the ball. Furthermore, the same technology can be applied to other video games in the EA Sports lineup, presenting the brand with a unique opportunity to pioneer the future of sports TV.