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Copywriter: Devin Altman

Social media tactic that allows you to dunk on your friends. Simply go to goalrilla.com/videos and choose from a large reel of posterizing dunks. Then upload your face and your friends face and Goalrilla will turn them into a quick video you can post on your friends social media page.

What the videos will look like.

Tired of your team losing? Have nothing to cheer for? Now you can.

Embrace The Brick is an online contest held between the worst teams in the NBA. Making a losing team bring positivity to their community brick by brick.

Every missed shot will lead to a brick being laid for a local community center. As the season goes on, and the bricks get shot, you can see the plans for your cities rec center be slowly unveiled. 

Only the team that misses the most shots in the season will get to build the rec center. 

Motivational bricks available for purchase.