Kerrygold treats their heffers right. Wide open fields to roam around on, beautiful views of the Irish landscape, and the best Irish grass you can eat.

They're not confined  to a small area only eating grain like other cows.

No. These cows are stress free.

Come to think of it, Kerrygold cows have a healthier lifestyle than I do.

Copywriter: Mike Stango

Don't believe the cows are active? Check out the current live feed on brought to you by a drone hovering over the cows as they graze.

You can also track the cows movement with the Nike+ App.

See how active the cows are on my fitness pal.

Restaurant stunt.

Keep walking human. Not for you.

Follow the cows on Twitter.

Make your own butter kit. Comes with real authentic grass seeds from Ireland along with a pot to grow them.

Cows not included.